Inventory / Needs Assessment

First, we find out and analyze your 

existing infrastructure, your specific performance

requirements and the tools we need to 

meet these requirements within the framework of 

intensive talks.

Design / Solution / Benchmarking

In a next step, we will elaborate a 

telecommunications solution geared to all your 

demands and needs, we will tender the 

components on the market and will select, together with 

you – the optimal strategic providers.

Implementation / Project Management

We will implement the solution you need for your

business, by establishing contact with necessary

suppliers, i.e. with network operators, service

providers, hardware or software companies, and by

coordinating and monitoring this particular contact.

Monitoring / Management of the SLAs

Even after the implementation, you can count on

a permanent smooth operation of your

telecommunications network. We carry out the

proactive monitoring of the network for you, pay attention

to the compliance with the SLAs and record availability

and performance of the connection in regular, detailed

reports for you.

Operation / Further Development / Support

Periodically, we review together with you the

relevance of your solution and optimize it in terms

of technology and costs. For any application 

related question or in case of any malfunction, we are

always at your disposal by phone and, if necessary, also


Contract / Full-Service Management

During the entire period of our collaboration, we

act as your central point of contact for all

contracts, lines, and manage the purchase at

carriers and suppliers. Our end-to-end network

management goes easy on your internal resources and

your budget.

Independence, which pays off

Regardless of all the carriers – the communications network operators – and service providers – the providers of quite particular telecommunications services – we will prepare a customized telecommunications solution for your business that is exactly tailored to your needs and economic potentials. This means liberty of action in its best form, even and especially for the medium-sized companies. Nevertheless, we proceed in six consecutive steps in advising and supporting our customers, in a very systematic and predictable manner.

Have we already convinced you of the VNO concept in principle?

Then, we would like to introduce to you our SLA-approach, the prerequisite for saving ready cash by making use of our service!

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